Monthly Plan

Includes the following benefits:

  • Office Visits and Unlimited Services.
  • No Restrictions by Age, Pregnancy, or Preexisting Conditions.
  • Add Beneficiaries, including Spouse or Partner, Children, Parents, In-Laws, Siblings, Grandparents, Grandchildren, etc.
  • Activation with 24 Hours, to Immediately Enjoy Plan Benefits.
  • Medical Advice via Hotline.

OncoSmart Plan

For only $2.26 additional/month per person:

  • 80% benefit for appointments with oncologist.
  • 80% benefit fot yearly oncology check-up.
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Monthly Plan

Primary policy holder:
Add OncoSmart for Primary Policy Holder ($2.26* per month)
Primary Policy Holder with OncoSmart $2.26
Add beneficiaries without OncoSmart ($6.78* each per month)
Add beneficiaries with OncoSmart ($9.04* each per month)

Monthly Cost:

* At the exchange rate of the day.

 The prices shown include "IVA".
 The automatic charge dates will be on the 15th and 30th of each month. For this reason you will be charged on proration from the affiliation day through the next date of charge.