I Am a Survivor



OncoSmart offers comprehensive care for cancer survivors; patients who have had a prior cancer diagnosis will be given an individualized care plan, based on the type of cancer and treatment received.

During your oncology survivor consultation, your specialist will focus on the following aspects of your health:

  1. Clinical care related to medical, psychological, and/or socio-economic problems, resulting from a cancer diagnosis. Detection and management of the resulting effects of cancer and its treatment.
  2. Monitoring and observation of the spread and/or recurrence of a primary cancer, the onset of a second cancer, and the resulting psychological and physical effects. Monitoring includes physical exams, blood tests, and diagnostic procedures that may help determine if the cancer has returned.
  3. Coordination of care among primary care providers, oncology specialists, and/or other specialists, to ensure that the patient’s health needs are covered.
  4. Patient education regarding planning of on-going care, including a medical report summary, as well as education on the risk factors of cancer recurrence, important aspects of nutrition, rehabilitation and physical therapy plans, mental health, and sexuality, among other topics.

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OncoSmart Survivors Program

The following details the specifics of the initial consult for cancer survivors:

** The price of OncoSmart is per month and per person. Restrictions may apply, and prices are subject to change without prior notice.