Emergencies and Urgent Care

Prompt and timely care, when you need it most

If you, the primary policy holder, or any of your beneficiaries have a medical emergency, please take your ID card to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care of the Hospital Metropolitano branch nearest you. You will be treated as quickly as possible.

You Should Know...

  • To give you a better service, you can make your appointment to a General Practitioner (outpatient visit) , at 2528-5400. (With prior appointment, you pay ₡7,842)
  • If your situation can not wait, go to Emergency Room or Urgent Care of the Hospital Metropolitano (San José or Lindora) and you will be attended by a General Practitioner in the emergency room. (Without prior appointment, you pay ₡12,480)
  • You do not need to present your MediSmart ID card.
  • Your case will be evaluated by a general practitioner.
  • In the Emergency area, and depending on your case and diagnosis, the services you may need include nursing services, observation, and medical supplies, in addition to consultation with a General Practitioner. For these services, MediSmart has 15% benefit of costs. Keep in mind MediSmart does not cover the cost of consultation with a medical specialist, if needed.

* The prices shown include "IVA". Also, remember if you pay your medical appointment with a credit or debit card, the "IVA" will be refunded.