What is MediSmart?

The smart medical plan...

MediSmart is a prepaid medical plan developed to provide high quality private healthcare services at very affordable prices for our members. This plan was developed as a response to the needs of an important segment of the Costa Rican population – people who desire access to high quality, private medical services, but at an affordable price. Our network includes more than 500 physicians in more than 45 specialties throughout the country.

If you become part of our membership plan you will be able to benefit from specific prices in our different specialty providers and medical services including: X-rays, ultrasound, laboratory testing and pharmacy. Furthermore with our MediSmart Club you will enjoy discounts in different retail shops, restaurantes, hotels, etc.

How Does It Work?

  • For an individual plan, members pay a monthly rate of $13.56*.
  • For a family plan, the primary policy holder pays a monthly rate of $13.56* and an additional $6.78* per beneficiary (based on the daily currency exchange rates).
  • Beneficiaries may include a spouse or partner, children, parents, in-laws, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren, among others.
  • The primary policy holder and his or her beneficiaries are entitled to savings of up to 80% off on office visits and health services (laboratory, X-rays, etc.)
  • Members are eligible to unlimited number of medical visits.
  • There are no restrictions based on age, pregnancy, or preexisting conditions.
  • Within 24 hours of joining MediSmart, you and your family can begin enjoying membership benefits.
  • Medical attention and healthcare services are offered by our own Network of specialty providers around the country. Our main facilities include: Hospital Metropolitano, Drs. Dent, Clínica Herrera Amighetti, Laboratorios Páez, among others. They will guarantee the high-quality service that you expect from private medicine.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time, with two months’ advance notice. Please note that you may not re-activate your membership until 12 months have passed since initial cancellation.

* The prices shown include "IVA". Also, remember if you pay your medical appointment with a credit or debit card, the “IVA" will be refunded.

A Grupo Montecristo Company

Grupo Montecristo

MediSmart is part of Grupo Montecristo holding, owned by the Costa Rican Durman Esquivel family, wich has wide experience in the healthcare sector.

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